Fifth Frontier

Episode Thirteen: A Patch of Blood

A barroom brawl showdown with the Blood Patch

The heroes head back to the Lucky Gnome, where the doors are locked and a small crowd shouts outside hoping for free beers. Ehljayy vanishes into the crowd to look through the windows while Ash, Relentless and Capriole keeping watch near the Blood Patch carriage. but the half-orc Relentless had mindread earlier spots Cileth and grabs her. Ash and Relentless notice and come to her aid, just as Ehljayy and Capriole, unable to see anything significant at the front, join them. Ash throws a knife hoping to warn him off, but misses; luckily Cileth is able to slip free of his grasp, but the half-orc runs inside the tavern.

The heroes follow after the Blood Patch member, Relentless chasing after him into the back of the bar, where they find two River Rats barring the doors and shouting at the crowd, and four Blood Patch members in the bar: the half-orc they chased, a large human woman with a huge axe, another, giant half-orc woman…and the wizard who escaped from the battle at Dragon Manor. She recognises Relentless, and the female half-orc roars…battle is on!

The Blood Patch members close the distance quickly. Relentless is caught at the front but protects herself from a magic missile with her shield spell, while Cileth manages to cast a sleep spell that incapacitates the wizard and the River Rats. The others are ferocious in battle; Ehljayy leaps up onto the bar to engage the human woman, while Ash battles the half-orc, Cileth shoots from the shadows, and Capriole fires his eldritch blasts from the rear while also asking Cileth to return his orb. The fight is fast and vicious, but the heroes eventually incapacitate all of the Blood Patch members, and Relentless recovers the fancy sword wielded by the half-orc – a sword that seems to match the description of the elven dragon slayer sword stolen from Naerumar’s Imports’ caravan.

The players tie up all the combatants – including the River Rats – and take them back to Moonstone Keep, where the Lord Warden grants them use of one of his cells. There will be a lot of questions when they wake up…



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