These thoughts on humans are from the journal of the elven scholar, Palandriel.

Humans are the most populous of folk Karal, the western continent. The human nations of Casparia and Gamric take up most of its eastern coast, and have existed now for many centuries. In a previous age, most of Karal was ruled by an incredibly powerful human empire known as Nerath, but there are few remnants of that empire left. Another mighty human empire, Bael Turath, existed further west…but that's a tale for another time.

I will elaborate below, but I find the old folk song sums them up well:

One foot in sea, and one on shore,
To one thing constant never


Humans are about as tall as elves, but have approximately the mass of a dwarf. Their ears are rounded, as are their faces, and it is usually only male humans who grow facial hair, though the density and length varies considerably. Their skin, hair and eyes come in a large variety of colours, and their bodies in many shapes and sizes. 

Humans live relatively short lives, around 60 years, though it is not unheard of for particularly hardy individuals to live for 80 or even 90 years.

Humans are able to have children with elves and orcs, though sages disagree on whether this is a biological or spiritual compatibility.

Language and culture

The common tongue is said to have evolved from the language of Nerath. Before the forging of the empire, humans had many dialects, though all used the same basic roots and alphabet. The only remnant of that now are the different accents with which they speak common, which vary from place to place and between city and country.

Human cultures are varied. Some live as barbarians in the far north; some in small farming communities; some in great walled cities. Some believe in the divine right of kings, some in rule by magic, still others in assessing and obeying the will of the people. It's said that in the time it takes to pass from the reign of one Elven council to another, humanity will have invented another dozen forms of government, and retried another dozen failed ones at the same time. The only constant in human culture seems to be growth, but so far at least, whenever they have grown too far, they have been cut down by calamity or evil, often because of their own hubris.


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