Dragonborn are a rare sight in Casparia. They are descended from dragons, but the details of that descent are lost to history. Some say they are the result of a blessing bestowed by Bahamut upon a family of half-dragons; some claim they originally came from another plane of existence; others consider them abominations.


Dragonborn live short lives, but they are strong, fierce and proud, with equally powerful personalities. Their draconic heritage may come from any of the most prominent varieties of dragon, and they share the elemental resistances of their ancestors, as well as their breath weapons. Those descended from red, gold or brass dragons, for example, do not burn easily, and can breath fire.

Dragonborn lay eggs, and mature quickly after hatching. They rarely live longer than 50 or 60 years, but do not suffer many ill effects from aging.

Language and culture

Dragonborn cling tightly to what few traditions they have left, and this includes speaking draconic. To most folk of Karal, draconic is a written language only, dead to all but dragons themselves; the Dragonborn are among those rare few who speak it fluently. Their pronunciation is said to be closest to true dragonspeech, which other mortal races find hard to duplicate.

Most Dragonborn live within tightly-knit clans, either in settlements of their own, or on the fringes of large cities. It’s rare for a dragonborn to strike out on their own, unless they hear the calling to serve Bahamut.

Whatever their exact origins, the Dragonborn once had a mighty empire, but it was lost long ago and destroyed so thoroughly that the Dragonborn themselves have only fractured memories of what it was like. Most do not even know its name.


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