Casparia is a human kingdom which stretches from the east coast of Karal as far as the Wildlands to the west, and the Imperial River to the south. It was once part of the great human empire of Nerath, but is now – as it was before the empire – an independent monarchy. The current ruler is Queen Aneira, in the twenty-eighth year of her reign.

The language, culture and cuisine of Casparia all show influences from nations from every compass point, the last signs of their place as the major sea power of Nerath. They still have the biggest fleet and best ports, but they are mostly for trading now. In the dying days of the empire, a group of Casparians decided to find a better home across the seas, and set sail to the east; rumours persist that they founded a thriving settlement on a distant set of islands.

Casparian humans are hearty, shorter and stockier than those of the south, and generally darker in hair and skin colouring, though they show greater variation thanks to their imperial past. Two great forest kingdoms of wood elves lie within Casparian lands, and the humans there are well used to elven ways (and half-elves). The homes of several dwarven clans also lie within Casparia, most notably the stronghold of Hammerfast in the northeast, but both elven forests and dwarven tunnels exist outside the regular rule of human law.

Casparia maintains friendly relations with the other human nations, though it has a traditional rivalry with Gamric, its southern neighbour. There has not been war between them for seven centuries, though they have come close three times in the century since Nerath fell.


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