Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon, is the god of justice, protection, nobility, and honour. Lawful good paladins often revere him, and metallic dragons worship him as the first of their kind.

In ages past monarchs were crowned in his name, though since the fall of the Dragonborn empire and the departure and return of dragons from the material realm, organised worship of Bahamut is far less common in human lands than it once was. He is still seen as a powerful force for good, but in most cities will only have a shrine, often in a temple dedicated to Pelor (as in the House of the Sun in Fallcrest). There are no organised churches in his name, save among some of the surviving Dragonborn.

In Dragonborn lore, Bahamut is the twin brother of Tiamat, both children of the mysterious draconic creator god Io. There are many tales of him, and it is said that he often takes a mortal guise and walks the world.

An order of Paladins dedicated to Bahamut and his ideals, long thought extinct, was resurrected by a human named Fyodor Dragocevic, but lasted only a decade or two before a great disaster wiped most of them out. Fyodor himself has vanished, but whether he is dead or in hiding, none can say.


He commands his followers thus:

  • Uphold the highest ideals of honour and justice.
  • Be constantly vigilant against evil and oppose it on all fronts.
  • Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, and defend just order.


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