The goddess of change, travel, luck and freedom, Avandra is highly unusual amongst the pantheon worshipped in Karal. She has little in the way of organised religion, with most of her followers seeking to show their devotion in their own way; few worship her directly, though many say a prayer to her when on a journey or hoping for good fortune. Shrines to her are almost the most common of all the gods, including one in the Moonsong Temple of Sehanine in Fallcrest but just as Avandra herself is said to have no actual home among the planes, she has no permanent temples or clergy devoted to her worship.

Well…almost none. Just one monastery is known to exist, sequestered away in the hills, a day or two’s ride from Fallcrest. Those of other faiths often view this cloister with suspicion, but they do take novices and train them as monks, learning to focus their ki.

Those who wish to follow Avandra’s ways – mostly explorers, merchants and those seeking freedom from oppression – abide by these tenents:

  • Luck favors the bold. Take your fate into your own hands, and Avandra smiles upon you.
  • Strike back against those who would rob you of your freedom and urge others to fight for their own liberty.
  • Change is inevitable, but it takes the work of the faithful to ensure that change is for the better.


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