Ressilmae Starlight

Maester of Moonsong Temple in Fallcrest


Ressilmae is a wise and compassionate elf who finished adventuring decades ago and retired to a contemplative life. He is a musician of great skill who happily tutors the local children, even those who are poor and can’t afford to pay for their lessons. As a devotee of Sehanine he loves magic and trickery, often using minor spells to make others laugh, but in truth he takes his job seriously.

As High Preist of Moonsong Temple, he oversees a large group of worshippers in Fallcrest. He tends all the shrines in the temple himself, reminding his parishioners that no one god or goddess can have all the answers, and that if gods can be friends, then so must mortals. He is referred to as “Maester” by many of the townsfolk, an acknowledgement of his age – though of course as an elf, he doesn’t show it.

While the temple is well-supported – most notably by donations from Faren Markelhay – Ressilmae lives a fairly ascetic life, his only creature comforts his instruments and a few souvenirs and reminders from his adventuring days, though he rarely shows these to anyone.

Ressilmae Starlight

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