A fiery dwarf priest of Pelor who runs the House of the Sun


Grundelmar is a dwarf on the edge of middle age, around a century old. He has hair as fiery as his sermons, long but kept in check by a band. He wears priestly vestments, but often armour as well, and his warhammer is never far from reach – it rests on a stand on the main altar of Pelor during sermons.


Grundelmar is the head priest of the House of the Sun in Fallcrest. He came to Fallcrest from Hammerfast and reestablished the old temple of Pelor (which also includes shrines to Kord and Bahamut). Grundelmar is loud and opinionated, a real fire-breather who goes on and on about smiting evil wherever it might lurk.

When he isn’t preaching against the darkness that creeps in from the shadows, he can be found enjoying a dwarven ale in his chambers, or occasionally at the Blue Moon Alehouse.


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