A Dragonborn priest of Bahamut


Aurion is an adult Dragonborn of around twenty-five years – almost middle aged amongst his people. He has the shining scales of a silver dragon, with a crest on his head instead of the more common head-tendrils of other Dragonborn, and a “beard” of short frills around his lower jaw.


One of the few remaining clerics of Bahamut, Aurion has left his Dragonborn clan and currently resides at the House of the Sun in Fallcrest, tending to its shrine to his god. Devout, patient, wise and measured, he has great knowledge of the lore of his people and his deity, and though he has a fast friendship with the dwarven cleric of Pelor, Grundelmar, doesn’t agree with his fellow priest on all matters.

He has given Cileth information on Tiamat, and agreed to help her and her friends further, though he is wary of Ash, having heard worrying things about his tribe, the Oleeae. He has given Cileth a heart’s egg, an ancient Dragonborn artefact; if she holds it and thinks of Aurion, he will know, and vice versa. They have agreed to meet at the Blue Moon Alehouse if either of them use their egg to contact the other.


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