Fifth Frontier

Episode Ten

Capriole manages to escape his stone cell – into another cell. He escapes that too, but is now lost in a maze of stone corridors, trying to figure out where he is.

Meanwhile the party – after questioning and reviving Pike and sending him on his way – discover that the River Rats didn’t just threaten Relentless. They visit Ehljayy’s family and the Lost Ones, and High Priest Ressilmae sends them to have a secret meeting with the Lord and Lady Warden. They decide to continue acting in secret, knowing that the watch contains a few men in Kelson’s employ, and follow various clues – via a forest encounter with an Owlbear – to the crossroads south of Fallcrest, where they find and copy another coded note from the River Rats’ dead drop – just before a mysterious carriage stops there and picks up the message, before continuing into town.



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